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Here at CrushNinja, we believe in our users' right to anonymity, safety, and security while online and have implemented an industry-leading, transparent privacy policy. We have made every effort to clearly define what information is collected from you and how such information is used.


Only published submissions are archived on our servers. Deleted submissions are permanently removed from the database.

Page managers

Web server logs

Includes metadata such as your IP address, user agent, referrer, and URLs requested. This data exists only transiently to support functions such as geolocation and is immediately wiped to protect the anonymity of our users.

Third parties

We integrate with third-party services such as CloudFlare, Facebook, and Google Analytics. Any data storage or collection performed by these services is subject to their respective privacy policies and data usage policies.


Like most modern websites, CrushNinja uses cookies to support critical site functions such as user authentication. No guarantees are made about the functionality or usability of the CrushNinja platform if cookies are disabled.

Information disclosure

We do not share your data with third parties. If we receive a subpoena or judicial authorization for user data, we will first verify its validity before complying. If possible, we will notify the affected user(s) first and/or object to the disclosure. Since we do not permanently record data such as IP addresses or location, we are unable to assist with determining the identity of a submitter.

Data Deletion

Users have the right to request that their data, as described above, be deleted from the CrushNinja platform. To do so, send us a message through one of the communication channels listed on the "Help / Contact Us" page. We will then attempt to remove the aforementioned data to the maximum technological extent possible. Please note that CrushNinja is not responsible for the deletion or removal of any user data that may be collected or preserved by third-party services or applications.